inbox art gallery

A weekly email list of original Art for sale.

Selling on Inbox Art Gallery

What kind of Art can I sell on Inbox Art Gallery?

All kinds! We don’t care if you want to sell a $50 piece of Art or a $5,000 piece of Art. There are folks with different budgets on the list, so we welcome all Art. There is no quality requirement on Inbox Art Gallery.

Is Inbox Art Gallery for selling original artwork or prints?

We prefer original Art but limited edition prints under editions of 50 are acceptable.

How much does it cost to sell my Art?

Most physical Art galleries take a percentage of the final sale. This commission could be as high as 40-50%! We don’t believe in taking a commission on a final sale.

We take a one-time listing fee when an artist list a piece of Art for sale. Our current fee is 5% of the list price plus $5. For example, if you list an item for $50 then the listing fee would be $7.50

What if someone contacts me about buying my art?

Exciting! You are responsible for packaging up and shipping the piece to your new customer.

Inbox Art Gallery is just a way for you to find a buyer, we don’t handle the final sale of your piece. It’s up to you to figure it out with the buyer who pays for shipping costs, etc.

Each week, an organized list of beautiful Art is delivered to your inbox.
If you see something you like, connect with the Artist directly.