inbox art gallery

A weekly email list of original Art for sale.


What is this all about?

Inbox Art Gallery is for people who care about buying original Art directly from the Artist. Each week an email gets sent out with a list of Art for sale.

What do you do with the emails that are collected on this site?

Every Tuesday, an email gets sent to the group with the list of Art for sale. That’s the only time the email list gets used.

Are you going to sell the emails that are collected?

Definitely not! We respect your privacy as much as I respect my own. I wouldn’t want my email sold either.

Is Inbox Art Gallery involved in the sale of Art on the email or website?

Nope. Inbox Art Gallery will not participate in the sale, it’s simply a service to connect Art sellers to potential Art buyers.

Then how does Inbox Art Gallery make money?

Most physical Art galleries take a percentage of the final sale. This commission could be as high as 40-50%! We don’t believe in taking a commission on a final sale. In fact we don't even handle the final transaction, the Artists handles the final transaction.

We take a one-time listing fee when an Artist list a piece of Art for sale. Our current fee is 5% of the list price plus $5. For example, if you list an item for $50 then the listing fee would be $7.50

What kind of Art can I sell on Inbox Art Gallery?

All kinds! We don’t care if you want to sell a $50 piece of Art or a $5,000 piece of Art. There are folks with different budgets on the list, so we welcome all Art. There is no quality requirement on Inbox Art Gallery.

Where can I mark my Art as sold?

When you list Art we send you an email with links to change the status of your Art. You can also login to manage your Art. Log in here.

Why does Inbox Art Gallery exist?

To connect Art buyers with Art sellers. We believe the current gallery system is broken.

Who created your picture frame logo?

Our adorable logo was originally created by Julien Deveaux. You should follow him on Twitter here.

Are you on Twitter?

Yep! follow us @inboxartgallery

I have more questions!

Each week, an organized list of beautiful Art is delivered to your inbox.
If you see something you like, connect with the Artist directly.